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No REVOLution for Bob Barr?

While there were a few “Bob Barr REVOLution” T-shirts produced, it seems the move from Paul support to Bob Barr support among libertarians and conservatives hasn’t been a smooth transition.

As reported here, Bob Barr’s absence at a Ron Paul press conference hasn’t been taken to well by Paul supporters. On libertarian talk shows like “Free Talk Live” and “Common Sense with Dan Carlin,” dismissal of the Barr nomination has been strong and passionate.

Barr seems to be a genuine convert to libertarianism, or at least to small government conservatism. The regular YouTube videos that he has released jive fairly well with the message of Ron Paul. However, he has never really addressed his checkered record on civil liberties while he was a Republican congressman. He has not really been able to articulate why he is a better choice for conservatives than John McCain. The latter is not really his fault, since he has not been given the sort of attention and airtime that Barack Obama and McCain have enjoyed.

Early pipe-dreams of Barr’s mainstream appeal resulting in a substantial effect on the election may turn out to be just that. Barr likely won’t break 3%, since he doesn’t seem to have the support required for presence at the presidential debates.

What this means for the future of the Libertarian Party is unclear, but it does appear to back up Ron Paul’s proposal to push forth the message of liberty within the Republican Party.

Video from Ron Paul’s Press Conference

Despite the drama that ensued from Dr. Paul’s press conference and his missing guest, Ron’s deep concern for this country and the direction we’re going is evident in his tone and expression.  All of Ron’s supporters commend him for his principled stand against the status quo, even when it means bucking his own party.  Check out this first video of Ron’s press conference and be reminded of how he refuses to put politics above principle.  The second video is Dr. Paul and Ralph Nader appearing in the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

Bob Barr Press Conference: Perspective from Both Sides

The Barr Campaign’s decision to shun Ron Paul’s press conference, hold their own and denigrate Ron’s efforts will have lasting effect- but will any prove positive for the Barr Campaign?

In the interest of full disclosure, I know Bob, like Bob, worked for his campaign up until a few weeks ago and planned on voting for him- a decision I’ll have to reconsider.  I also know Ron, like Ron, worked for his campaign and would still vote for him today if he were on the Alabama ballot.

If the Barr Campaign’s actions today has possibly lost the support of someone who knows and likes Bob, I imagine the fallout among the Libertarian Party members and Ron Paul supporters will make them regret their actions today.  Continued derisive actions and words from the campaign staff will only make things worse.

I called the Barr Campaign Headquarters and spoke to LP Communications Director, Andrew Davis, asking for an official statement from them.

Breaking News: Bob Barr Backs Out of Ron Paul’s Press Conference

Sources say that Libertarian Party Candidate Bob Barr did not make an appearance at Dr. Paul’s press conference as agreed and is instead having his own press conference, per a flyer being handed out by LP Communications Director Andrew Davis.

As much effort as Dr. Paul put into promoting this press conference, one has to wonder what effect this will have on his relationship with Barr and how Ron’s supporters will respond.  If the reaction at Ron Paul Forums is any indication, missing this press conference was a mistake.


Reason’s Dave Weigel at Hit and Run is now reporting this-

The Other Dr. No

The Founding Fathers intended the United States Senate to be an extremely slow, deliberating body that passed only a small number of bills per year, and only after very long and thorough debate. What goes on in the Upper House today is a far cry from that vision, and sadly very few recognize this as a problem. Senator (R-OK) Tom Coburn, does recognize it however, and as the video below shows, Coburn has apparently gone on a crusade against a number of unethical Senate practices. Like our own beloved Dr. No, Senator Coburn has the reputation of being a fiscal conservative and for standing against the pork-barrel spending of his Senate colleagues.  We need more Congressmen like this who are willing to take a stand against what’s popular and fight against wasteful government spending.

A “Big L” on the Campaign for Liberty

In case you were living under a rock for the last week or somehow without the ability to access United Liberty via the Internet, a group of us visited the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to provide photo and live blog coverage of the happenings.  As a card-carrying member of my state and national Libertarian Party, visiting a rally to return the GOP back to its roots may seem like I was a fish out of water.  Lucky for me, Ron Paul’s message of liberty and adherence to the Constitution transcends party lines toward a very well-organized movement to restore American freedom.

From my arrival at the Leadership Summit, I felt very welcome among the Ron Paul faithful.  Don’t get me wrong…  I am very well-acquainted with Dr. Paul’s message, and I voted for him in Georgia’s presidential preference primary.  His candidacy brought about some much-needed attention to the liberty message, especially when the Libertarian Party struggles with things like ballot access and discord within itself.


Rally for the Republic Update

When Ron Paul announced the Campaign for Liberty, he and his staff set a goal of 100,000 members by September 2nd - well, that date is nearing and though 87,000+ have signed up as members, that is still a bit short. We encourage all readers who are Ron Paul supporters to take less than 1 minute and sign up to help Dr. Paul beat his goal.


The Campaign for Liberty has just recently released the full schedule for next Tuesday’s Rally for the Republic.

It’s going to be a historic day! Please do whatever you can to be there.

Ron Paul Confronts Rice

Yet another reminder how one of the greatest Libertarians, Ron Paul, constantly fights for the American people. This isn’t to increase his profile either - Ron has been working for libertarian principles since he has been in congress. Who else goes into such detail in defense of non-interventionism? No euphemisms for Dr. No.
Condoleezzaa Rice: “We’re not planning, or intending an attack on Iran.”

One of the key statements I picked up from Condi was this:

“Finally as to what we intend to do, when we have a carrier strike group into the Gulf…It’s simply to demonstrate that the US remains determined to defend it’s interests in the Gulf and the interests of it’s Allies. And that Congressman is a position that has been held by American Presidents going back 60 Years.”

60 years of some of the most horrific wars the world has ever seen? That is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what these policies have done to our reputation around the world. I’d highly recommend the books by Chalmers Johnson:

Books by Chalmers Johnson

“Ron Paul Jr.” Grasps Early Lead

Our very own William “BJ” Lawson, dubbed “Ron Paul Jr.” by his opponent, appears to have a 2.5 to 1 lead over Augustus Cho in early polling. This might be early, but he has held this lead since the polls have begun reporting. We at United Liberty want to congratulate Dr. Lawson on a well fought Primary and wish him the best as he begins his campaign against the incumbent, David Price. We will keep you posted!

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